When I get a new project I like to start by looking through my sketchbooks for inspiration, it is important to look at other artist research but it feels good to be inspired by my own work too...more honest. I then take pictures of inspirations and stick them down, from here I make a mind map/ brainstorm of ideas...remembering that it doesn’t matter what I write down at this stage, no one is going to see it. Part of the brainstorming is doodling/ roughing out some of the ideas, I try to use a reasonable variety of media* for this as it  is good to get a feel for progression, you can never do too much doodling at this stage...just remember to keep it simple and loose! With a few pages of roughs with different avenues for development I’ll send over these all over to the client for feedback. The feedback is critical to move the project along and with what media.

*Water based ink pens

Watercolour pencils

Acrylic ink


HB Pencils

Brush pens